Disney On Ice: Rockin Ever After: The Little Mermaid [Ariel]

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Feb 2013 (Chicago, IL) Enjoy The Show of Ariel.


breezwonder says:

I just went with my family today in Detroit. Just a great show!?

Jean Hoffman says:

This brings back memories of going to Disney on Ice as a child. I remember
how magical I though everything was?

Yannis Goedermans says:

That’s one handsome Prince Eric!?

TFE niname says:

From the same pianist and composer saw on: : Emily bear – Show On Ice
Emily Bear Somewhere Over The Rainbow and more at Hollywood Piano?

Trinity Aldridge says:

I was there last year. I remenber?

epicmaddie says:


NickyKatyLover says:

I like the video it’s not scary like the trix video so if you can make a
other one?

Calvin York says:

I like ariel?

Dennis Eric Policher says:

This stinks.My tablet keeps freezing

Yami Castor Avellaneda says:

Anyone know when they are coming to georgia??

Snowflake Sparkle says:

Where’s her daughter skirt too short was this supposed to be human or half
mer half human version no offense?

Mel L says:

dammit… i was hoping king titan was gonna come?

mastersword12345 says:

7:33 Ariel, the two-legged siren ?????? that was a little disturbing?

Luka Bondevik says:

those costumes…… >,>?

Karen Robles says:

I been there befor but I didn’t watch those movies

Supreeya Muimongkol says:

Can the show be longer please??

LittleMissyHaHa says:

Anyone else think they must be REALLY cold????

christine romero says:

I went here?

Emma Jarman says:

They should make a kingdom Hearts On ice!!?

Costume Circus says:

Ariel’s Voice still sends me shivers. She’s the most beautiful Disney
Princess on Ice.?

Arlen Yun says:


DisneyNerdVlog says:

loved this show second row form the ice =] ?

Alyza Rodriguez says:

I feel bad for Erial?

MJthebest87 says:

That was amazing.?

SunbubFTW says:

omg >.< this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen...?

Rushda Rubaia says:

NO other song feeels as MAGICAL as the disneysongs!!! <3?

Kathryn Rossi says:

My cousin was in that as alona.?

kim garcia says:

I went to this last year here in NJ?

C CS says:

the first mermaid looked like jackie chan. im sorry?

Leilani Collantes says:


Vicky Castillo says:

Amazing!!! <3?

Ann Stephanie Radaza says:

I was there and i saw someone at the front that had a camera ?

Huston Donald says:

Arial on the rope amazing?

JennHighwind says:

This looks corny.?

Heather Gonzalez says:

They. Never. Stop. Moving.?

raul gallegos says:

AsiasasiasiWwaxfwwcffc4_[_<+$*^%%%#~##t5555555554:::::,,,, pppppñññjh?

Victoria Bitong says:

Also am i the only one who thinks the guy playing Prince Eric is hot?

ronald donat says:

this is lovely?

Lesli Hernandez says:

me and my family waz there but it waz in spansh?

Marie George says:

A great view! Ariel sat right by the camera. Loved how they made Ariel
swim. Magical show!?

Madeline Sikes says:

oh this? i was at disney on ice for reals it was awesome?

archer6749 says:

These were the most dumbest shows I’ve ever been too ?

Ahmed Ahmed says:


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