Ariel Flip N Switch Castle with Frozen Elsa Bath Tub Magic Clip Doll Little Mermaid DisneyCarToys

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DisneyCarToys Ariel Flip N Switch Castle Disney Princess Toy review and story with Disney Queen Elsa from the Frozen movie taking a bath in Ariel’s tub. Arie…


Chloe Schemidt says:

How much was it and was Ariel included?

Thomas and Friends, Disney, Play Doh says:

I like castle as a setting in

Maddi Stillwell says:

Ariel is a natural born princess her dad is a king?

Ava Tetley says:

I love it when the bath tub turn it over and a perfume shelf?

FrozenFloraGem says:


CopperBubble2 says:

Can I have one please?

vivian cach says:

I love elsa tell me were you get the flip n switch castle oh and tell me
were you get elsa??

M Ahmed says:

A Disney car toys can u make me a special birthday video on 25 march any
video but I’m a girl?

twerkalious tripletts says:

I like you videos but don’t you waste money ??

????????? ??????????? says:


Rachel Hart says:

Why on earth is Elsa the one without a castle. She literally built her own
castle. ?

Kimberly Castañeda says:

Where’s the fork?

Katarina Konjikusic says:


Kaitlyn Thalman says:

How old are you ?

Yenein Abreu says:

I love this girl?

Nur Zahra says:

Ariel’s lipstick is weird…?

Jimmy Luttje says:

What about the fork?

Hailee Pullen says:

You and all toy collector sound the same are you sisters?

Olivia Patterson says:

As soon as I saw another one of ur videos and it was this I was happy!!Then
I notice it was elsa and Ariel my 2 fav princesses!!?

Maddy Echo says:

How old are you??

HankyPlaysMC says:

LOL she was in Ariel’s tub!?

lalaloopsy love says:

i love your videos soooooo much ?

Angie Mtz. says:

Elsa is not a princess

Lana Wendy Potgieter says:


Amber Leitl says:

i love your video a lot?

Aloodra Baano says:

Hi disneycartoys im a new subsriber 😀 i love your video so much!?

Nina Spillman says:


Luis Bouchot says:


Angel Love says:

I love this video?

Nurul Iffah says:

I know why Elsa does not have the castle. It is because she is a queen,not
a princess.?

prixated says:

There was a fourk there so its 4 items

twerkalious tripletts says:

so cn you make the bah tub? and you sould try coffee table?

Katarina Konjikusic says:

is not you?

Lana Wendy Potgieter says:


Angel Love says:

I love this video?

twerkalious tripletts says:

can you please make a play doh bathtub?

cassus vue says:

disney car toys i like your videos?

E Manning says:

Where’s the fork?

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