Toys for Boys: Fleshlight BUTT

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I finally got a Fleshlight. And this is what I think. (SPOILER ALERT: I like it. A lot.)


cdmnumber3fan says:

thx for the vid

Al0neStillAlive says:

@Vaerah Never done someone up the butt I take it?

Anastasia Knight says:

The succu dry is the best I got one even though I’m a straight girl but the
superskin feels great on the lady parts as it does on a guy’s junk lolz

ToptoBottomNYC says:

@lPurpleHD Very. At least it is when you get it from Eden Fantasys. It’s
just a normal box.

Vaerah says:

@TheNextAvrilLavigne Do you imagine you’re getting eaten out by a vampire?
That’s surprisingly hot. xp @ToptoBottomNYC You should have gone for the
forbidden, actually modeled from a butt with a pretty smooth texture as
well. So damn realistic (or so I’ve heard).

Sam Wilder says:

Your not s girifriend

anthony rego says:

@ToptoBottomNYC did you have to sign the package when it arrived PLZ reply

Anastasia Knight says:

@Vaerah well I don’t cum and tell

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