Lyrics : Enock: Do we truly know what the Lord cares about * let alone His where-abouts, * God’s not in these places where people think faith is coming to the Lord with there hands stuck out * Remember, the Lord dismissin’ the droves cause they only came for the fish and the loaves, * true seekers of God are hard to find when you seek His heart and mind * You’ll start to find * Faith in the gospel, * there’s your gift, treasure it, watch out for those heretics * Who make God out to be some genie [More]
Download It’s a Sweet Life Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting by Tymber Dalton – mirror 1 —> mirror 2 —> mirror 3 –> ————— Synopsis: [Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA] Libbie Addams has a mortgage on her struggling bakery, no love life, no health insurance…and fibromyalgia. She's worried about making ends meet when two hunks show up to rent her extra apartment. Not only do cousins Ken Dougherty and Charles Stackhouse make her money worries disappear, they offer to help out in their spare time. They also make her panties damp. Too [More]
Download Peyton’s Pleasure Siren Publishing Classic by Marla Monroe – mirror 1 —> mirror 2 —> mirror 3 –> ————— Synopsis: [Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, sex toys, light BDSM] Peyton is burned out on love. After a controlling relationship, she is only looking for a little fun on the run. While she has plenty of friends who are men, she isn't attracted to any of them. When she meets Ryker, who instantly sets her body on overdrive, she thinks he just might be the perfect addition to her sexy daydreams—until he seems to be heading in the [More]
Download The Sublime Miss Paige Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting by Karen Mercury – mirror 1 —> mirror 2 —> mirror 3 –> ————— Synopsis: [Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, public exhibition, flogging, spanking, sex toys, HEA] Miss Willow Paige has taken Last Chance by storm, remodeling the decrepit Searchlight Motel. She discovers a menu from the motel’s bordello days that describes unspeakable sex acts, firing up her imagination. Building inspector Steffen Jung wants to check out than her wiring, and he makes a proposal to Willow. He will fulfill [More]
Looking to try out the Lelo Pino sex toy? Well, let YouTube comedian Kelsey Darragh give the sex toy a good once over before you rush out and spend some cash on it. From the weird banker-like theme to the weird quotes from Alec Baldwin in the box, Kelsey reviews the cock ring designed for men from top to bottom. This might save you a really awkward sexual encounter, believe me. Chortle over here: Check out Kelsey’s YouTube channel here: Follow her on Twitter: Today I F&%KED Up: It’s A Match: Sketches: Unboxing The [More]
GLAM gran Gaynor Evans estimates she’s dated over 100 toy boys in the last five years. Having the best sex of her life with men half her age, 56-year-old Gaynor says dating toy boys makes her feel sexy and empowered. The grandmother of three has gone out with men 30 years her junior and says the benefits of dating younger men are obvious. She said: “It’s fairly simple really – they’re young, fit, and fun”. “Younger men have got stamina, drive, enthusiasm and are able to repeat perform.” After two failed marriages, Gaynor, from Enfield, says she has a ‘renewed [More]
When do people have sex for the first time? We ask people when they lost their virginity – and get the facts from our expert! More Sex Surveys: .\r\rThe playlist contains the following videos: Mumbai Girls On Losing Virginity ! Losing VIRGINITY Losing Your Virginity: Shocking New Sex Facts! When Did You .\r\rThe playlist contains the following videos: Asking 100 Girls For Sex (Social Experiment) What Sex Toys Do Indian Girls Use? 10 Sex Facts About Single Men .\r\rKaras back on the streets of Toronto with one question: How did you lose your virginity? Tweet your answers @KarasQuestions! Check out [More]
Download Paying Their Piper with Passion and Love Siren Publishing Menage Amour by Lynn Stark – mirror 1 —> mirror 2 —> mirror 3 –> ————— Synopsis: [Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA] The daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the world, Piper Barrows is guarded accordingly. Her only freedom is when she travels to rodeos to protest the treatment of the animals being used. That’s where she meets Merck Rushton, a hot cowboy. Everything is uneventful until she is attacked at a rodeo by [More]
Download Her Three Entrepreneurs Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting by Zara Chase – mirror 1 —> mirror 2 —> mirror 3 –> ————— Synopsis: [Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA] When Athena Lloyd’s beloved grandfather is viciously attacked, she believes the three American entrepreneurs who want to buy his English farmland must be responsible. She denounces them on television, destroying their reputations. Bay Marshall, Dex Willis, and Marty Grisham convince Athena that they’re not the culprits and team up with her in an effort to find out who really wishes [More]
Download Deliberation Plantation Siren Publishing Menage More by Destiny Blaine – mirror 1 —> mirror 2 —> mirror 3 –> ————— Synopsis: [Menage and : Erotic Cowboy Menage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, older heroine, consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA] Marcy Mahoney purchased the old Evans ranch with intentions of turning the place into the hottest BDSM club in the South. After placing a want ad for cowboys, Marcy watches bachelors, men certain to ease their way into a woman's wet dream, swarm the farm. Soon after the fellows arrive, Marcy cuts some of them loose. Those remaining realize the offer [More]