Au menu de votre JT breton, le retour des algues vertes sur nos côtes, une large page politique avec une plongée, mercredi soir, chez des militants des deux camps et un focus sur les soutiens bretons de Nicolas Dupont-Aignan: que vont-ils faire maintenant ? A suivre aussi, les mésaventures d’une start-up bretonnes créatrice de sex-toys, et toujours le tour de Bretagne en 60 secondes. Un JT préparé par les rédactions de Tebeo, Tebesud et Le Télégramme.
What Sex Toys Do Indian Girls Use
We all celebrate life’s little victories in different ways, but Ice-T and Coco have extra-special dances prepared for those exciting moments. The couple stopped by Conan Tuesday, where Coco performed her “boob dance” which she thought every woman did. Coco quickly realized that not everyone has the ability to flex her peck muscles like that. The late-night talk show host also asked about Coco’s side business: sex toys.
We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest sex toys theyve ever heard of… and then we played with them. Check out more awesome .Im very uncomfortable with what were about to do, not because of the act itself, but because of how other people are going to react to it.” Check out more .Everything is a sex toy. Once you go black, you never go gray. See the outrageous comedy Fifty Shades Of Black in theaters Jan 29. Check out the trailers for .After sex with a robot, theres no going back. Check out more awesome videos [More]
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This female-led startup believes its skills and experience makes for a better product.
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