The dew upon the clover falls As night time ends and morning calls The moss upon the ancient walls Does clad the resting stones, The leaves upon the languid trees So still the dawn there is no breeze The subtle shades of autumn’s frieze With gold and amber tones. The cobwebs shine in thickets dense And hedgerows of the hawthorn fence Droplets hang on threads and whence The silken nets do stay, And as the sun does rise into The misty skies of palest blue The softest rays are shining through This cold September day. And as the mist begins [More]
Memories cascade over moss laden rocks Blurred and misty images chasing each other A bird splashes and disturbs the peace Globules stay on the crinkles of my nose Scratching through the muddy mantle The smell of treasured moments ooze out Silted soil agitated blurring the shine Of roots and leaves gilded by the sun In that instance I remembered how I Deftly moved my arms to your waist Steadying your wobbly bearing Upon stepping on slippery stones Oh what fortunate happenstance, Unexpected pleasure to have you enclosed In my surprised and tremulous arms Oh what joy, oh what bliss! Eddie [More]
Lady Gaga weirdest “ARTPOP” Lyrics!Exclusive Catching Fire Interviews: Jennifer Lawrence eats candy bracelet: – Subscribe to Clevver Music! Little Monsters we’ve got ya covered! Here’s Lady Gaga’s biggest WTF lyrics from her album “ARTPOP! This is ClevverMusic of course, welcome back. After what seemed like an eternity ARTPOP has finally landed on Earth, and not without some out of this world Gagalicious lyrics. So here’s our Top 6! Our 6th WTF lyric is from track “Sexx Dreams”, which BTW Gaga says is not about actual sex dreams, but real aspirational dreams. The standout lines read, “You could [More] – Subscribe to ClevverMusic for more – Visit our site! – ClevverMusic Facebook Fan Page! – Follow Us!Seth Macfarlane may have taken a jab at Chris Brown and Rihanna during Sunday’s Oscars, comparing their relationship to Django Unchained, but Chris didn’t let that bother him. Thanks for watching ClevverMusic for all your music news. Now that Chrihanna are officially back on, Chris Brown has opened up about the infamous 2009 assault on Rihanna the night before the Grammys. In a recent interview with Brown admitted it was his “deepest regret” and that it took many months of [More]
Midnight Skies The sun enveloped in a black shroud The dead of night hardly makes a sound Hopeless with silent cry’s of the midnight sky The reproach of lost souls Dark and misty the clouds just an outline Of the glare of your eyes tonight Vague twinkling stars in the dusty moonshine An eager bright star showing its position Or else be lost in the misty cauldron Passionless grief of despair with no one who cares Lost in the wind One knows to never cross The roads at night on foot The hooting of the night owls crying out To [More]
Harrow-on-the-Hill WHEN melancholy Autumn comes to Wembley And electric trains are lighted after tea The poplars near the Stadium are trembly With their tap and tap and whispering to me, Like the sound of little breakers Spreading out along the surf-line When the estuary’s filling With the sea. Then Harrow-on-the-Hill’s a rocky island And Harrow churchyard full of sailors’ graves And the constant click and kissing of the trolley buses hissing Is the level to the Wealdstone turned to waves And the rumble of the railway Is the thunder of the rollers As they gather up for plunging Into caves. [More]
I can’t forget the song of yesterday, her eyes, Never to be seen by mine, wont yet shalln’t define, Blessed Athena perched, mayhap a serpent in twine, Blisters her hair in shine, ember as the flame cries; Memoria I see her, ponder I the name, To pray Athena a gift, dampened by the rain, Her ancient mask not defaced, hides away the pain, Never to be saved again, I the one to blame; Such misty air repletes her, mountain peaks do glow, When snowy robes complete her, siren on the shore, Who snickers silent secrets, cause of man’s deplore, Born [More]
I walk down a misty nameless street On cobbled stones and broken glass Here’s where the girls line up in rows With frozen smiles and smokin’ grass From miles away the foghorn growls And damp clouds choke my road A lonely church bell rings its tune And takes some burden off my load Well I stay for a night or maybe two The journey’s been on for too long a time But none of the girls and no one else Will match the love that I left behind If you travel north on the east coast line Where the rivers [More] – Subscribe to ClevverMusic!SPRING BREAKERS TRACK LISTING: »”Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” Skrillex»”Rise And Shine Little B—h,” by Cliff Martinez & Skrillex»”Pretend It’s A Video Game,” Cliff Martinez»”With You, Friends (Long Drive),” Skrillex»”Hangin’ With Da Dopeboys,” Dangeruss with James Franco»”Bikinis & Big Booties Y’all,” Cliff Martinez & Skrillex»”Never Gonna Get This P—y,” Cliff Martinez»”Goin’ In (Skrillex Goin’ Down Remix),” Birdy Nam Nam»”F— This Industry,” Waka Flocka Flame»”Smell This Money (Original Mix),” Skrillex»”Park Smoke,” Skrillex»”Young N—-s,” Gucci Mane (feat. Waka Flocka Flame)»”Your Friends Ain’t Gonna Leave With You,” Cliff Martinez»”Ride Home,” Skrillex»”Big Bank,” Meek Mill, Pill, Torch & Rick Ross [More]
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