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Adult Film Stars Layton Benton and Misty Stone as we discuss their fetishes, turn on, and more! Power 106 YouTube Channel: Subscribe Now – http://bit.ly/17Rrvxu For more exclusive interviews visit: Power 106 Website – http://bit.ly/THwnRX Find Power 106: Facebook – http://bit.ly/TjOLyl Twitter – http://bit.ly/12eZ0t2 Stream Power 106 – Where Hip Hop Lives: Listen Live – http://bit.ly/T0chlq
SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/su_c… I hung out with Porn Starlet MISTY STONE at her birthday party and had the pleasure of seeing her KISS porn starlets TEANNA TRUMP and CHANELL HEART!! Music provided by http://www.audiomicro.com Contact me: My Email: Ace_party01@yahoo.com My Twitter: https://twitter.com/ace_pornstar My Instagram: https://instagram.com/ace_party01/ Periscope App: @Ace_pornstar
What leads someone to make the decision to become a porn star??? Most of us have watched pornography at one point or another. Today we want to have an open discussion with both SuaveXXX, an aurthor, and retired porn star, and Misty Stone, a current porn star, to understand both the mindset it takes to be in this business, and also the details of what led them both there! Pull up a chair, you won’t want to miss a single moment of this show.
http://www.vladtv.com – Chanell Heart explained her decision to move into the world of adult entertainment, and the Pittsburgh native revealed that after reaching out to porn veteran Misty Stone, she got the confidence boost she needed. Not long after speaking to Misty, Chanell quit her job as a retail manager and moved out to L.A. when she was nineteen. After moving out to the area she quickly began booking scenes, Chanell explained that she was treated very well on the set of her first films. She added that there was a female director and a hair and makeup team that [More]
The dew upon the clover falls As night time ends and morning calls The moss upon the ancient walls Does clad the resting stones, The leaves upon the languid trees So still the dawn there is no breeze The subtle shades of autumn’s frieze With gold and amber tones. The cobwebs shine in thickets dense And hedgerows of the hawthorn fence Droplets hang on threads and whence The silken nets do stay, And as the sun does rise into The misty skies of palest blue The softest rays are shining through This cold September day. And as the mist begins [More]
Memories cascade over moss laden rocks Blurred and misty images chasing each other A bird splashes and disturbs the peace Globules stay on the crinkles of my nose Scratching through the muddy mantle The smell of treasured moments ooze out Silted soil agitated blurring the shine Of roots and leaves gilded by the sun In that instance I remembered how I Deftly moved my arms to your waist Steadying your wobbly bearing Upon stepping on slippery stones Oh what fortunate happenstance, Unexpected pleasure to have you enclosed In my surprised and tremulous arms Oh what joy, oh what bliss! Eddie [More]
Lady Gaga weirdest “ARTPOP” Lyrics!Exclusive Catching Fire Interviews: http://bit.ly/1dmthKN Jennifer Lawrence eats candy bracelet: http://bit.ly/1i6x6Y1 http://bit.ly/ClevverMusic – Subscribe to Clevver Music! Little Monsters we’ve got ya covered! Here’s Lady Gaga’s biggest WTF lyrics from her album “ARTPOP! This is ClevverMusic of course, welcome back. After what seemed like an eternity ARTPOP has finally landed on Earth, and not without some out of this world Gagalicious lyrics. So here’s our Top 6! Our 6th WTF lyric is from track “Sexx Dreams”, which BTW Gaga says is not about actual sex dreams, but real aspirational dreams. The standout lines read, “You could [More]
http://bit.ly/ClevverMusic – Subscribe to ClevverMusic for morehttp://Clevver.com – Visit our site! http://on.fb.me/loxDu6 – ClevverMusic Facebook Fan Page!http://Twitter.com/ClevverMusic – Follow Us!Seth Macfarlane may have taken a jab at Chris Brown and Rihanna during Sunday’s Oscars, comparing their relationship to Django Unchained, but Chris didn’t let that bother him. Thanks for watching ClevverMusic for all your music news. Now that Chrihanna are officially back on, Chris Brown has opened up about the infamous 2009 assault on Rihanna the night before the Grammys. In a recent interview with Mirror.com Brown admitted it was his “deepest regret” and that it took many months of [More]