Say cheese! Police in Philadelphia are searching for a man who has been approaching strange women with a slice of swiss cheese and inviting them to jerk him off with the food item. Now, thanks to a local journalist, this Philly cheese freak may have been outed. First brought to attention by a neighborhood watch Facebook page, and dubbed the swiss cheese pervert by local media, the man has been spotted in the Mayfair neighborhood pulling up to women in parking lots waving the food item above his genitals and seeking sexual relief in exchange for money. Now a 19-year-old [More]
Fleshlight Masturbator – Anleitung
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A woman who was out on a run encountered the man near a middle school campus.
Have a fail you want to send to ClipComedy?Just email the video file or link to: We will reply to the email if we are interested in buying your video or licensing it. Please Rate, Share & Enjoy The Video! Extra Tags: (Ignore)SECRET CLUB REVEALED!SECRET CLUB REVEALED!SECRET CLUB REVEALED!SECRET CLUB REVEALED!An amazing secret club called “People Eliminating Nefariousness 15” is revealed. If you aren’t part of the club, you’re missing out. This is a badass song about it to prove just that.Hey it’s our very own website: http://smosh.comOh and our Facebook page: to know when we’re filming and/or [More]
Beast Masturbator Prayer | TCGS
Rob O’Reilly has blood on his hands and some other stuff.
The end of the affair is always death. She’s my workshop. Slippery eye, out of the tribe of myself my breath finds you gone. I horrify those who stand by. I am fed. At night, alone, I marry the bed. Finger to finger, now she’s mine. She’s not too far. She’s my encounter. I beat her like a bell. I recline in the bower where you used to mount her. You borrowed me on the flowered spread. At night, alone, I marry the bed. Take for instance this night, my love, that every single couple puts together with a joint [More]