Mucahid Cihad Han, évangéliste musulman travaillant sur la chaîne turque 2000 TV, affirme que la masturbation rend les mains enceintes après la mort.
Sexo & Co est un rendez-vous hebdomadaire avec Sylvain Mimoun. Le gynécologue, andrologue et sexologue nous parle de sexualité, sans tabou ni détour. La masturbation féminine est encore pour certains un sujet tabou, et pourtant… Le Dr Mimoun nous explique que c’est aujourd’hui banal. Retrouvez l’info en temps réel avec Le Parisien : >>
A woman recounted how a man masturbated in her presence in a Mumbai local train. A 22-year-old woman revealed that a man sitting in the next compartment touched himself while look at the travellers of the ladies’ compartment. The woman said that the incident occurred on June 15 but she opened up about it. The woman wrote on Facebook: “I’m looking at my phone and I see him waving at the girl through the railing. He’s put his hands through and has reached half the distance to the girl’s face. I cannot hear him, I’m wearing headphones. I reduce the [More]
This guy was masturbating in front of me on the Red line train to Shady Grove (Sun, 7/5 approx 7:30p). I yelled at him and told him to get off the train. He got off at Medical Center, but not before calling me a Stupid B*tch. There were about 10 people on the train, including an older gentleman directly behind me who had been asleep. The others where at the other end of the train. They all just sat in disbelief as this 10 sec screaming match went down.
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