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These Signs Say That You Masturbate Too Much And Are Hopelessly Addicted To It It’s a beautiful day, let’s masturbate. It’s a cold night, let’s fap. It’s a hot afternoon, let me choke my chicken. It doesn’t matter what day or time it is, if a person is addicted to it, he’s gonna do it. Here are a few more tell tale signs of it. Subscribe Our Channel : Like Us on FB : Follow on Twitter : Follow on G+ : These Signs Say That You Masturbate Too Much And Are Hopelessly Addicted [More]
Louisette Geiss says she was an aspiring screenwriter when Harvey Weinstein invited her to a meeting during the Sundance Film Festival in 2008. She says Weinstein appeared nude in an open bathrobe and asked several times that she watch him masturbate.  Weinstein has expressed regret for his inappropriate behaviour towards women stretching back decades, saying: “I own my mistakes,” but his lawyers say he denies many of the allegations made against him. Subscribe to Guardian Wires ? Support the Guardian ? The Guardian ? Owen Jones talks ? Guardian Football ? Guardian Culture ? [More]
Déroule avant de poser une question 😀 Abonne toi: Yop’ aujourd’hui je reviens avec un sujet important et tabou, j’espère que la vidéo va vous plaire.J’ai mis les commentaires en approbation.Si vous pensez que ce genre de vidéo n’a rien à faire, et que ça vous choque, demandez-vous si ce n’est pas plus choquant qu’une jeune pense “qu’on peut tomber enceinte en se masturbant” (voir ici: autres … IL FAUT PARLER DE CES CHOSES et j’ai décidé même si ça déplaie à certain, de le faire. (ici: Rajout : Source: – – – – – [More]
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