During a weekly support group meeting for grieving men, Peter, one of the group members tells the story of what led to the loss of his wife, Mara.
Watch Joanna’s behind-the-scenes video from her sexy PETA photo shoot, and find out why animal rights is so important to her.
Video clip for the track Everyone’s alone from the band THE LONDON BUSES, Top 100 in England in the 80’s.(Clip with very special Guest:SYRIELLE AND AURIANNE MEJIAS)DAILYMOTION PROMOTION+DIFFUSIO-VALOTTE RECORDS UK
Did you know that scrap metal is America’s 4th largest export? Well, Hollis Wallace does, and he makes his quiet living trolling the back alleys of Seattle looking for cast-off copper, aluminum and other valuable metals. Hollis uses all the tricks of the metal scrapping trade to earn his living and navigate through a fascinating and rowdy world that few pay any attention to.
Sister Joanna has had dream(vision) about the rapture. She saw many people were left behind including so many children. She saw few people got raptured. She saw the vision of tsunami. She saw vision of tsunami. She quit school because God asked her to do it. Jesus is coming soon! Pray continually! Fast frequently! Repent your sin frequently! Love Jesus with all your heart! The time is near! To see full video on this day’s Lord’s Hour on May 14, 2015, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dv-ZBXKlL4 Visit Elvi Zapata’s Blogtalkradio, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thelordshour To see more videos of Lord’s Hour, http://www.elvizapata.com To see more testimonies of [More]
Joanna Angel w/ Jiggy Jaguar AVN Expo 2017
Joanna Krupa Is an ‘Angel for Animals’
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