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Riding Lessons by Sex-O-Rama From the album “Sex-O-Rama 3, Menáge á Troís” available now from the Apple iTunes Music Store and Amazon.mp3 Downloads. Music and Lyrics by Carvin Knowlles © Ozone Layer Music (BMI) Haywood Jablomi – Synthesizer Bass and Vocoder Sid Getzoff – Synthesizers Ivan Ardon – Drums
On Friday, the former adult film star announced that she had given birth to a baby girl by way of Instagram. “I am so proud to introduce everyone to my newborn daughter! Her name is Batel Lu Bitton,” she wrote. “She was born at 8 lbs. exactly and 21 inches long. She is so calm and graceful it’s hard to look at her not feel overwhelmed.” Jameson added that the delivery wasn’t easy. “I had a very long labor (12 hours) and pushed for an intense 22 minutes,” she recalled. Lior Bitton, Jameson’s boyfriend, also shared photos from the delivery [More]
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Jenna Jameson and Lior Bitton take their daughter shopping at the Grove in West Hollywood, CA. Jenna Jameson Dream Fuck in Hell