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BAM! Actor and Comedian Owen Smith from the Fiber One, DQ and McDonald’s Cha Cha commercials sells us a balloon flower that Rebecca obtained from Disneyland. Owen also shamelessly promotes his stand up DVD ANONYMOUS. Mike and Filmnut doing SPORTS? Pantera Fan gets a warm thank you from the cast. Re-cap on the Jenna Haze saga continues with Brian providing his impeccable commentary. Brian got a one liner on General Hospital. Rebecca explains the rumor about “Mikey” from the Life Cereal commercials. Where is the Enzyte guy? Owen talks about his work on “Everybody Hates Chris” and his many commercials [More]
Actor and Comedian Matt Champagne is interviewed. Patrick Keane shows up shirtless. Matt's famous spots for Jack in the Box, Dell and AT-T are reviewed. We learn how to drive a SALADMOBILE. Matt explains that driving a SALADMOBILE is the best way to meet chics. Has anyone ever used a Bizhub? Matt shows us his guest star on CW's THE REAPER. Mike says the chatroom is quiet on sports? What? No Jenna Hazing? Rebecca does a “Mikey from Life” cereal re-cap. We still have no idea what Patrick Keane is talking about. We still do not know what happened to [More]
1000’s of Beautiful Girls and 3 Ugly Ones® #1 Strip Club Chain in the World Song: Gravity Music provided by Rewind Remix Free Download: Artist: Cody Sorenson, John Kenza & Stahl!
Does Size Matter? Porn Sex Vs Real Sex, How to Attract Women and Turn Any Girl On