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The very first episode of Buttpluggin’ With qDot, a new youtube series all about sex tech hacking! Join qDot, founder of https://metafetish.com as he takes apart a Fleshlight Launch in as many ways as he can think of, from marketing to bluetooth to online services to hardware. Hardware Information and Driver Source Code links available at https://buttplug.io/hardware/fleshlight-launch Video Contents: 1. 00:00 – Intro 2. 02:04 – Device Unboxing 3. 07:39 – Device Usage 4. 16:13 – Bluetooth Overview 5. 18:16 – The problems with FeelMe 6. 26:00 – Bluetooth API Demo using WebBluetooth 7. 28:00 – Device Speed Range 8. [More]
See how the Fleshlight Launch connects to and responds to adult interactive content. Note: video clips have been pixelated intentionally for “viewer comfort”. Silly, yes, but this is YouTube. See the full long-term review at InBedMagazine.com
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