Created on December 19, 2011 at 3:51 pm by Cheezwax

5 Things Women Want

If you’ve ever been in a serious relationship, you’ve probably asked yourself, “what does she want from me?”

By simply knowing what a woman wants out of a man will greatly increase your chances of meeting more or even meeting the girl of your dreams. NOTE: Women love a man that is sure of himself. Now some women are different but the general rules still apply. So you want to meet and exceed her expectations without her saying a word to you. There are generally 5 things she wants out of you. In most cases those expectations are in this order. Honesty A woman can’t stand lies and infidelity in a relationship any more than a man does. Honesty and truthfulness from her partner will make her secure and relaxed. A partner who cheats a lot will obviously ruin the relationship.


Commitment A woman wants you to be willing to share your life with her and to let her be who she chooses to be. She does not want to be taken for a ride and she hates to be dumped after a while. She hates men that are “commitment-phobic”. Women like sure things and if you seem dodgy or not on the same page, it?s a major turnoff. Your Precious Time A woman wants time with you, she wants to know that you want to spend time with her and she wants to know that you are thinking about her when you are with her. She wants your undivided attention. How selfish of them, right? ? Just joking but be sure your ready to spend a lot of time with your lady. If she?s really into, she will do everything she can to spend time with you.


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