The Little Mermid 3: Ariel’s Begining || Disney 2008

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The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning is a 2008 animated fantasy feature film, and the direct-to-video prequel to Disney’s 1989 film The Little Mermaid. Directed by Peggy Holmes, the film’s story is set before the events of the 1989 film and the 2000 sequel, where all music has been banned from the underwater kingdom of Atlantica by King Triton, and his youngest daughter Ariel attempts to challenge this law. The film features the voices of Jodi Benson, Samuel E. Wright, Sally Field, and Jim Cummings. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment released the film on August 26, 2008. The film contradicts certain events of the television series, implying that it is an independent installment of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.


Jaci Rami says:

This is my favorite movie

LucyVlogs says:


Josephine says:

Why haven't I ever noticed that there's also the little mermaid 3? Just found out now.

Nathan Bailey says:

5:30 ???


Favorite character is Benjamin

Kara DeRonda says:

Why have I never herd of this movie?? She's obviously my favorite ?!?!?

Horrific Sensation says:

what the fuck how have I not heard of this!!!???

Dani Slaughter says:

In my opinion, this is one of the best direct-to-video Disney sequels.

Lindsay Sixx says:

The quality on this is terrible

TaterTotYT says:

The king guy is great at throwing stuff in the middle of the sea

Karolinaa Kk says:

I feel so bad that Ariel’s mother died:( couldn’t stop crying?


Tip for girls : When you want something from your dad and he want give it to you just look at him with the saddest look you can give possibly give and you might get what you want

Grady Castillejos says:

????? Im so sad it make me cry ???????????????????????????????? alot.

Nay Nay Phegan says:

Wtf this is so bad no offence

Scarlett Martin says:

how exactly did the mom die? I DONT GET IT! i watched that part but still… can someone explain it to me????pls

kitty meowz says:

Its mermaid not mermid

lps northern lights says:

it froze a lot but that's my internet for you i liked the movie thank you. its even better in theather mode.

Kiwi Potato says:

Those shells look comfortable

Abi 3065351 says:

I’ve tried to find this movie all day, so when I get to this one ( this is the only one that doesn’t freeze mid movie ) there is a damn star in the way… DONT YOU PEOPLE THINK THAT ITS RUDE TO PUT STARS IN THE WAY OF OUR MOVIE?!! I mean seriously people all you had to do was record the movie. Not take the extra mile just to put the star there. I mean COME ON!!

Epic V.I.P. Girl says:

Everything is super, execpt that STUPID STAR! IT RUINS EVERYTHING!!!

Namuna Kc says:

It made me cry

uria nijman says:

50:59 haha ? copy cat

Devil Huntress says:

Love it??????????????????????????????

SonKevi422 C says:

Basically its Ariel's Beginning, The little mermaid, Little mermaid 2:Return to the sea

SonKevi422 C says:

This is a wonderful prequel to the first movie

sandyrdh72 says:

That stupid star ruins everything

Platinum Star Productions says:

SaBastian doesn't have a Jamaican accent in this one?

Salvador Rojas says:

That made me sad i am soo sad?

Fataliney Bouvier says:

I love this

azzleenda aween says:

OMG.. I'm cried while watching this..

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