The Little Mermaid – Under the Sea

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Music video by Samuel E. Wright performing Under the Sea. (C) 2013 Walt Disney Records


Sara Marinelli says:

Under the Sea!
Under the Sea!
What's better?

?? says:

????? ..;

Jenny Gauna says:

I love the little mermaid

Blizzard757575 says:

I'm almost 35. First movie I saw in the movie theatre in 1989. Until that point home was a very boring existence consisting of playing in my mom's sewing box and waiting long periods to have food. My mom is a sweet heart and did what she could but it was public access network on TV and throwing stuff off the balcony for fun. Went to this movie and my head literally exploded. It was like tripping on acid and the sea witch scene was scary. Couple years later estranged grandfather sent it to me on VHS. Wore out the tape until my mom threw it away. I felt ashamed for being so emotional. Fast forward to first boyfriend in 2001.. remastered version came out and he bought it for me. Still then I hid my obsession with it. You have to understand as a kid who was understimulated then exposed to this at a critical time I still go back to it for therapy. (back in my day we were bored regularly. No phones. Later generations I get you like this movie… it's brilliant. But try being totally neglected, bored yet creative all the time. Try seeing this in a movie theatre as your frontal lobe explodes). I will never feel these emotions again as an adult. I watch these clips time to time (f* you don't know how blessed you are to see it on youtube… i wanted some 8 years for it to be re-released). Should have won the oscar for best picture. so on point.

Miffins Warrior says:

This movie is my Childhood

BeNita says:

Who is a grown ass adult still watching this ???

Petra Leopold says:

Melody is so FUN

Ariel Abisai says:

My name is Ariel too

philip norris says:

My song of the year for 1989.

JoshFromGA says:

This came out in like '91. How tf did they decide that a blackface black fish was a good idea!?

James Ralph Igaya says:

Did Sebastian said "Darling it's better down where it's wetter" ? hahaha

Nessa Skye says:


Nessa Skye says:

Lin Manuel's favourite song!

Maria Alonzo says:

under the sea

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