Mermaid ARIEL Kidnapped PART 3! Disney Frozen Elsa and Princess Anna Barbie Doll LPS Play Doh

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Little Mermaid Ariel Kidnapped Frozen Elsa Princess Anna Barbie Doll Play Doh LPS Episode 3. Disney’s Frozen Queen Elsa catches Anna crying then finds out ab…


MrEstandup says:

hi! dctc love your vids! my name is aaliyah aka MrEstandup.What’s your name
and also

ann lu says:

plz can u tell us whats taking you guys so long? About when do you think it
will take? ( i mean that in a nice way.) Like, what date or in how many

jeff monroy says:

Is that a swamp or river it looks dirty from the out side and clean from
the inside?

Courtni Webb says:

I’m sorry That I’m yelling at you, but I’m so upset! Are you sure you’re
making part four??

Juliet Enero says:

Part four!!!!!!!!!!!!! its already july 10!?

Diane McKee says:

wow the backround looks real thats amazing!?

John Thomas says:

yeah when is part 4 coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i even
searched 4 it 8,000 times.and i still cant find it.whatday is it coming?

Parul Boda says:

I really want see part 4?

Pavithra Ramaiah says:

Wheres part 4? I’v been wating all month!!!?

Celine Belle says:

Its been about 3 weeks and I really really really want to see Part 4! When
do you think your gonna upload part 4? Please tell me I really wanna see

Aaarti Mohindru says:

How do you make the boy voice? ?

Mustafa Feroze says:

I think that Ursula tied Elsa hands back and put her in prisen.?

snowdroprocks lps says:

elsa was scared and she ran away and went home!?

Kennedy Smith says:

Elsa left Prince Eric and Anna and locked the door behind them.?

Courtni Webb says:

Part four!NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When is it going to
come?!?!?!?! Tell me! Love, Keyara.?

Alex Himes says:

hi im a girl (dads computer)

when is part 4 coming out it is june 11 today?

kassandra telllez says:

Disney toy cars I’m your number fan I love ur amazing videos! Plz read my
comment or reply?

liesdyanto says:

kidnap and to day is my brthday?

Harley Quinn says:

she left, then froze the door shut?

Lolita Shao says:

there a part 4??

Nichi Sherrill says:

When is the part 4 coming?

Seth War says:

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Lizzie Hearts says:

How did they become mermaids??

Ade Bright says:

hi its me jess want to be youtube friends coz i really like u?

Olivia Gerleman says:

Why is Eric’s tail black?

Kelly Meiller says:

Elsa got captured by one of Ursula’s electric eel friends from the movie…
🙂 She REALLY wanted Elsa to do her makeup!!?

amber gulyban says:

i think ersala is lieing and she really took elsa and locked all the exits
and going to trap them?

Pavithra Ramaiah says:

At the and Ursula did not get shoked so Elsa is wereing a costume. Or, if
you wached close, prince Eric had a plan to just leave them there. Elsa
said sure. That means Elsa hid on the other side of the wall and heard that
she was getting her hair done,and locked the door on the other side!!!?

Courtni Webb says:

Dear Disneycarstoy club,when is part 4

Dallan Mora says:

I want to see part 4?

jaycie nguyen says:

hans kidnapped elsa?

Aria Williams says:

Maybe elsa decided to wonder around while they saved Ariel so she swam out
the door and it locked behind her because Hans have followed them and used
a special potion to breath under water then he jumped out and grabbed elsa
. Elsa got scared and froze the door shut , then Hans took elsa away to
Pizza Hut and elsa got really mad , so she screamed , and frost was on the
floor ,so when Hans tried to stop elsa from screaming , he slipped and elsa
got away?

Sarah Allen says:

caky monkey is so cute!!!?

James Moore says:

I bet Hans took Elsa

Melanie Landis says:

4:25 the hair behind elsas tiara?

Parul Boda says:

It’s taking forever?

Amylia Nadheera says:

This Video is funny.?

Asia Rivera says:

I thought esla did it

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