Mermaid ARIEL Kidnapped! Disney Frozen Elsa and Princess Anna Barbie Doll LPS Play Doh Episode 1

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Little Mermaid Ariel Kidnapped Frozen Elsa Princess Anna Barbie Doll Play Doh LPS Episode 1. Disney’s Frozen Queen Elsa catches Anna crying then finds out about Ariel and Anna’s big fight….


Disney Cars Toy Club DCTC says:

PART 2 IS HERE!!!! Mermaid ARIEL Kidnapped PART 2! Frozen Elsa and
Princess Anna Disney Barbie Doll Play Doh Toys?

analiza mabiasen says:

anna and eric think how to stop ursula and then eric figured out when
ursula’s sister became frozen and eric said to anna and anna had a great
idea she calls elsa to help them too so they go to the hideout of ursula
where ariel get’s kidnapped they sneak up and eric free’s ariel when ursula
is checking something and when they show themselves to ursula they fight
anna kicks ursula and ariel holds the tentacles of ursula when ursula
became angry he tried to drink the posion she was making for revenge and
ursula get’s bigger like the little mermaid movie and elsa freezez ursula
when elsa became angry she hhas super ice powers so she frezzez ursula and
then the end ?

Stephanie Decker says:

Thst sheep sound sounds like the sheep in mine craft?

Trinity Tran says:

Why are you using a dust pan for phone…. You could use the monster high
iCoffins (phone)?

Rebecca Matos says:

Love youre vids ?

Melanie Landis says:

Why did she send a letter when she could call?

4kids says:

haha great :)) ?

Rigved Goyal says:

I have the same dollhouse!?

Elle Risbrudt says:

I think they should get a phone and call arial and she if she awsers and if
she doesn’t then they can get a GPS to find her?

Sophie Ren says:

Go through the air vent and start slapping ursala?

Samantha Kelch says:

my brain just died. . .?

Kayli Merida says:

That’s a pan? ?

Review The Magic says:

Bad Ursula!!!!?

Elizabeth Guzman says:

want are you going to make the 2 mak?

Pershang Sheykh Majidi says:


AQWGamerand PrivateServers says:

I like the movie?

SassyWebkinz156 says:

I have the same sparkling Ariel doll! Nice video can’t wait to see what
happens next!?

thao thach says:

They get Elsa and they find out Kristoff learned to breathe in water or
they get a mermaid?

Alma Swatek says:

what is ursula doing?!?!?!?

Karen Lewis says:

Where’s part 4 ?

Navleen105353 says:

Elsa and Anna turn into mermaids and find ariel in the ocean and then Anna
burns ursela and elsa freezes urselas’heart ?

melody faith says:


Gita Patel says:

Kill all salon ?

The_Minecrafter_Girl! says:

I love the farting part XD It’s so funny!?

Amy White says:

i thinkj elsa froz the door shut?


Eric Elsa and Anna turn into mermaids?

Jessi Koller says:


Raquel Rudas says:

I want to see part 2 were is it? :'( ?

Balkis Abdul Rahim says:

Give ursula a haircut?

Fabulous Barbie Offical says:

Please make part 2 and make elsa use her freezing powers?

Andrea Jepson says:

Also Elsa helps Spider-Man ?

Delia Flores says:

I think Ursula and Ariel should be under water and Anna and Elsa should be
meirmads to save Ariel?

Fan Pook says:

Dafet rcl?

nflowers0117 says:

I Love Your Videos’ And Is +AllToyCollector Your Sister Or Other Relative??

Tasha Holmes says:


candice riley says:

Slap anna?

taleb sidawi says:

Your channel and all toy collected voice are same?

Chon says:

Kill her?????

Peter Clayton says:


Changsoo Jeong says:

Anna should slap Ursula in the face( because she is good at slapping
people) 100 times.Then prince Eric saves Ariel.?

J Kawika Kahiapo says:

Can you make another video pleas?

Joyce Bucago says:

I love your vibe?

jacque perez says:

Elsa can freeze her with her powers?

Neena Koumalasy says:

I love that little monkey

Britney Pearson says:

Okay I like this so y’all should find Ariel in and hauted house and prince
Eric finds Ariel and Elsa freeze ursala and get Ariel and they both say
good bye


Sophie Halton says:

Omgosh girl this is AMAZING!!! Kid-friendly? Also bored 28-year-old woman
on her day off from work, lol!! I can’t WAIT to show this to my nieces (4
and 7)! And I can’t wait to watch the boy-version next! I see this series
gaining even more popularity and most definitely has longevity-power (so
please! Keep it up!)! I only see this getting better and better, too. I
find it more and more difficult to find quality “children’s programming” (I
prefer the term “kid friendly”) that we can interactively watch with our
children or adorable nieces/nephews. BTDUBZ, Prince Eric will FASHO save
Princess Ariel because he has some info. on Ursula (“Ugh, her NAME even
sounds bad!”[ad-libbed– your version was much more hilarious]) that she
CANNOT have released to the public and that’s how she will relinquish
Princess Ariel and her beautiful voice to Prince Eric (hottest Disney
Prince EVER– my ex-boyfriend was his doppelgänger, lol! Too bad he didn’t
treat me like a Princess! [it’s all good– I finally found my Prince
Charming– he looks more like John Lennon than any Disney Prince, and that
works just fine for me! ;D]). Also, kudos on voicing Ursula with a man– it
literally had me in stitches, along with the rest of this episode. A+++!!!?

maddylove says:

what? ursela lives in the sea! so they
find a magic potion that turns water into oxegyn, ariel turns back into a
mermaid so she throws a sunken glass bottle at ursela’s head while she is
healing herself they escape once ariel is on shore she turns human again.
love ya?

Salma Nurhayati says:


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