Jodi Benson – Part of Your World (From “The Little Mermaid”)

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Music video by Jodi Benson performing Part of Your World. (C) 2014 Walt Disney Records


Miguel Gonzalez says:

Both Ariel and Rapunzel are the most beautiful princesses out of all the Disney movies!!!!!! Fight me!!

Art Zeppy says:

"Part of that world" means anything that you hold dear. It's a yearning you have to be with someone, a certain job or just anyplace you want to go. We can all relate.

mercy colon says:

I keep thinking of the Ryan Higa version ????

Lana Elizabeth says:

cool ??

Lana Elizabeth says:

cool ??

Adam Guarnella says:

Just crying over here

Naeema12 FromMsP says:

Who else is waiting a movie for the little mermaid

Randi Gordey says:

hes the grouchy red guy that wants to stomp her dreams

Pia Michelle says:

If only Ariel knew what fucked up World this was, she wouldn’t wanna be part of our world

Weronika K?dziora says:

Wow, guess Ariel sounds amazing in every language

Abriana Allen says:

This use to be my song! ?

pmwedoable says:

This channel need the epic music from HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME

coco butter says:

I want to be a marmaid?????????????????????????

MajestyDreemurr says:

The only reason I prefer 2D animation is because it feels more magical for me, CGI animation is still good, but I just prefer 2D.

MissesKitty says:

Howd she even know what a fire was

Candy M says:

I well for ever love the little mermaid I has this in repeat as a 90's kid

kristine grace vizcocho says:

My Childhood disney movie sana bumalik yung disney sa catv cable namin ??

Aineesh h20. is. better says:

Me I see that ariel is the beautifulest princess

Amber Cole says:

When i was younger i wanted to be an adult so bad. Now that im older i just wanna go back! This song takes me back to my younger self. Wish i could tell her to enjoy her youth and not grow up too fast.

Saul Solis Granados says:

Humans are curious by nature, this curiosity lends to an open mind. Women are wonderful because they think out of the box and are capable or accept the things as they are.

caitlyn who r u says:

This was an iconic movie but I lowkey hated Ariel

juan martinez says:

I love this song and I have the voice of her I'm his daughter

Kael griffin DaciaG says:

I want to be were the people are

Dajiah Ortiz says:


Keara Zante says:

who else sang every single word?

Jessica walker says:

This song is my aunt's fave song.

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