DISNEY Princess Little Mermaid Ariel Bath Time Hair Styling Head Playset!

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Asim Ilyas says:

the greatest video I ever seen…..####

Asim Ilyas says:

awesome video

Darius Moore says:

This video is so adorbes


were did you get it form

Kids Nursery Rhymes says:

Super cool 🙂

Mod Bdr says:


Lourdes G Malines Santiago says:

y tu no se puede ser un buen día para otro dia que me gusta estar con la tipa tiene la capacidad para el que no se yo te lo que te llamo horita a las que no

Jeannette Perez says:

ade más lopense eriel sebe muy bonita al pero primero no la peina donde la compró melo dise por favor gracias mujer

Jeannette Perez says:

que linda es ariel

Funsea says:

Hi I ran out of the hair gel does anyone know if they sell refils or maybe I can make my own please answer thx

Toni Lang says:


???? Sinee2812 says:


alpha huang says:


Sukmaja Wardana says:

mermaid ariel the hair

DuhitzMaddy1632 says:

Omg, I had something like this except it was a Brat doll one

Larika Mason says:

Well princess Ariel isn't my favorite but I like this video

Jacey Cabello says:

i love your nails

1234 1234 says:


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