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Jenna Jameson, desperate to track down a former assistant, took to /b/ on 4chan for help. After completing a series of tasks to prove to the 4channers that she was indeed who she said she was, the geeks found the man’s details in about an hour. Jameson, the 39-year-old pornstar, posted this message to the forum: ‘My ex assistant who goes by the name of Allen Cedena turned out to be a con artist I do not know if Cedena is his last name. I finally found him out and fired him… Since he was previed [sic] to my personal information such as passwords he reset and probably deleted my twitter @jennajameson and has also removed all pictures of me and him from my instagram. He is completely f***ing with my digital life and so I ask if you have any ideas of who he is please let me know. I am in the process of consolidating and resetting all my passwords. I will be attaching images of him shortly.’ She posted a photo of herself holding up a handwritten note which also read ‘Please no tits or GTFO’, referring to the call to expose one’s tatas in exchange for the community’s help. And of course, they called for boobies. And she delivered. But they also asked her to submit a photo of herself holding up a dark shoe, and then one of her with a shoe on her head. She wouldn’t go for the one on her head, but instead submitting an image of herself with the spike of a very tall, sparkly high heel in her mouth. The community, satisfied with her completion of the tasks assigned, tracked the Cedena down, posting his address, credit score and the last four digits of his social security number. To show her gratitude to the community’s swift and helpful response, she posted a final photo of herself holding up a notebook with the message ‘Thanks I will always be your girl’ [sic] in one hand and her right butt cheek in the other. ——————————————————– TomoNews is your daily source for top animated news. We’ve combined animation and video footage w
A man in Sweden is cleared of all sex crime charges for masturbating in public after a prosecutor throws the case out. He was arrested for pleasuring himself on a beach in Sweden and the prosecutor ruled that because it wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, it is not considered a sex crime. He did say the act may be considered disorderly conduct. Sweden has a very strict child protection system when it comes to sex crimes.
the act of engaging in intelligent and interesting conversation purely for the enjoyment of your own greatness and individuality. Subjects range from obscure lp’s to cultural movements in preindustrial societies. Either delivered through grand monlogues or subtle conversation orientation, it links large words and random references resulting in nothing acually being communicated. Mental masturbation definition by Urban Dictionary
Cancer de la prostate, troubles du sommeil, troubles érectiles… Dans une vidéo, les scientifiques de la chaîne Youtube Asap Science expliquent pourquoi le plaisir solitaire est bénéfique pour la santé.
On Tuesday, Jan. 12, Hot Octopuss, a company specializing in sex toys, erected what it called a “GuyFi” booth on 28th Street and 5th Avenue in New York City, where men could go to “relieve stress.” Inspired by a Time Out and Glamour magazine surveys, which concluded that between 31 and 39 percent of the men admit to masturbating while at work, Hot Octopuss says it created the booth so men can “take this habit out of the office and into a more suitable environment designed to give the busy Manhattan man the privacy, and the high-speed Internet connection, he deserves.” The company claims approximately 100 men used the booth on its inaugural day and plans to add more pop-up booths around Manhattan, in other major U.S. cities and in London, where the brand has a more loyal following. Find out Here Hollywood Celebrities Love Gossips : Find More Hollywood Movies Gossips Collection Here : Click Here For Most Viewed Hollywood Movies Gossips : Follow Us to Exclusive Insight & Behind The Curtain Gossip Of The Biggest Celebrities Of Hollywood :
A jury acquitted an Ohio man on Wednesday of stalking Gwyneth Paltrow after prosecutors said he sent her dozens of unsolicited letters and gifts in recent years.The case against Dante Soiu, 66, was the second in which he was accused of stalking the actress.The Columbus native was committed to a mental institution in the early 2000s after he was accused of sending lewd messages and sex toys to the actress and found not guilty by reason of insanity.The jury of six men and six women began deliberations on Tuesday in the latest case.They heard from a variety of witnesses, including Paltrow, who described the fear she felt after learning Soiu was writing to her again.Soiu also testified at the trial, telling jurors he was a changed man who continued to write to Paltrow because he wanted her forgiveness for his earlier messages.